Latest 21 Leaked Photos of Pixel 4 XL


This week’s Pixel 4 XL can’t stop leaks, but there’s one more picture of an unreleased phone that hasn’t been released.

Some of the leaks we saw this week originate from a store based in Vietnam that sells imported phones called D Store Mobile. The D Store declined to share how to obtain the unreleased Pixel 4 XL but told The Verge that the phone is likely to be a “test model” rather than the last unit. Google doesn’t respond to comment requests.

D Store also sent more than 21 photos of the Pixel 4 XL, which has never been released to date. If you think about how thoroughly this phone leaked, you don’t necessarily need to check for new information here, but you can still see the phone’s specifications and the appearance of the white model. The call will be announced in October.

The app above attempts to detect hardware components and display all the details about them. It’s not clear whether it’s exactly right, but the details largely line up with the rumors and with existing Pixel hardware. The telephoto lens doesn’t appear in the photos we were sent and seems to be undetected.

There are similar results from the diagnostics tool AIDA64:

That’s all we found.