3 Best Ways to Keep Your Smartphone And Tablet Battery Charge All Day Long

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In a busy 24/7 working environment, empty cell phone or tablet battery is no excuse for missed calls or emails. However, keeping the device in charge mode throughout the day is also a challenge, especially when you’re on the go.

With effective power management for these devices, there are many ways that you can keep them running longer. There are three ways to stay charged.

1. Need to Change Device Settings

Wi-Fi, GPS, and data services are deep battery drainers. It consumes a lot of power when sending and receiving data over the internet or GPS. You can reduce battery consumption by changing the smartphone settings. Wi-Fi service and GPS service consume a lot of power, so turn them off when not in use or in a place with weak signals.

Also, the backlight and backlight can consume a lot of power, so dim your screen and put your phone in standby when not in use. Put your smartphone or tablet in power save mode.

2. Prepare an Emergency Power Supply

If you can’t reject the internet and other apps that consume too much battery, keep extra power at hand. If you travel a lot and can’t charge your device while traveling, you’ll need to have another, charged, portable battery. For example, “MyCharge” offers a universal extended battery that is compatible with tablets, smartphones, and more. This power pack starts at $50 and can be connected to any device via Apple Connector, Micro USB, or Mini USB.

3. Charge and Drive at the Same Time

You can charge your smartphone while traveling from your car. Buy an inexpensive USB adapter that you can buy for less than $20 and plug it into your vehicle’s electrical outlet to charge your device while you drive.

However, this is not very dangerous. If left connected for a long time, the charger may overheat and be damaged. Always make sure the device is disconnected before starting the car engine. This can result in power loss from the device.

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