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Blooket uses a gamified method of teaching and learning for teacher and student. Students play fun skill games by answering the quiz-style questions. Teachers can use the existing question sets or create their own. The game can be easily applied in the classroom or at home on their own device. The exclusiveness of Blooket includes the integration of more classic games, point-earning systems, and a lot of fun. 

What is Blooket?

Learning by playing is one of the best approaches to education. Blooket, a game-based learning platform, allows teachers to create and share educational games with students. By using a generated ID, pupils can play your hosted games. Moreover, students can play games as a part of their homework assigned by their teachers.

As a web-based platform, Blooket is easily accessed from most devices. So, these features make it an ideal tool for learning in class and at home.

Maybe you are familiar with Kahoot, Quizlet, Quizizz, and Quizalize. All are game-based educational tools. Blooket is the same as these game-based learning tools. There are two options for teachers in Blooket where teachers can make their custom questions sets or use questions sets made by Blooket community.  

Registration is not mandatory for students to get access to the games. Registered student users get additional facilities like start tracking, global leaderboard ranking placement, purchasing or selling books, community events participation; etc.

Blooket has capabilities of increasing effective teaching skills of teachers and quick learning capacity for students. Increasing high-quality students’ engagement and participation in the top benefit of the gamified learning platform. Moreover, teachers have a variety of options for using Blooket to boost their potential. For example, you can facilitate real-time learning and plan solution-based quick lessons by utilizing the questions as a formative assessment method. 

Blooket helps teachers to evaluate the basic level of knowledge on a topic students by creating question sets. Moreover, they can measure the improvement of students during the teaching and learning sessions. 

Blooket is an easy-to-use learning tool that has user-friendly options for both teachers and students. On the teachers’ screens, teachers host live games with unique game modes. On the other hand, using generated ID, learners join the game from their screen. Moreover, teachers have the option of Homework. So, students can play alone if the teacher assassin games as homework.

How does Blooket work?

Using an email address, you can easily sign-up to create a free teacher account. You are allowed immediately after creating an account to use the existing games or create new games. For both options, you will get a joining code for students; so, they can join easily.

Standard color blocks for choosing answer options for quiz-style questions make playing the game easy for students of all ages. Students answer questions and attain points and move forward very clearly and easily to the next level of question sets. 

For instance, students serve food to customers that they earn by answering the questions in the cafe mood. Moreover, students select characters to fight against others in Tower of Doom games and answer questions to win. So, it shows a variety of activities based on the games.

What is the process of creating a question set on Blooket?

Follow the below step-by-step process to create a question set on Blooket.

  • At first, log in to the teacher account
  • Find and click on ‘Create a Set’
  • Provide a game title and a short description of your game
  • Set to your liking from the setting option
  • Make game public for students’ access
  • Choose the options of adding questions (Manual, import question sets from Blooket, or from a spreadsheet.
  • Add answers
  • Add lime limit for finishing the game 
  • Select to turn on or off the Random Answer Order
  • Click on ‘Save’

How do teachers host a live game with their students?

At first, you need to select his created games or available games from the Blooket library to host a live game. After clicking on the ‘Host’ option, you choose a Game Mode before clicking on Assign. There are live host, homework, and both support mode. So, carefully select the live hosting mode. Gold Quest, Fishing Frenzy, Crypto Hack, Tower Defense, Café, Battle Royale, Racing, Factory, Classic, and more are supported by live hosting or both game mode options.

Based on your plan, you can edit the game setting after selection. You can control the game two ways by setting the time of finishing or setting cash as a reward. So, click on Time to set time; on the other hand, select Cash and put the amount. Therefore, the game will be finished within the time or when players reach the amount you set.

Furthermore, you have more customization options of setting such as whether or not to accept student accounts, late joining, random names, etc. Click on Hos Now, after finalizing all mentioned works. You will get a displayed ID on the screen and your students get access to the game by using the ID. Moreover, you can share the Join Link via email for inviting students to join the games.

Get more clear ideas from the video below about Blooket for teachers:

What is the process to assign a question set as homework for students?

Self-placed learning is an effective tool for increasing knowledge and its levels for students. Therefore, game-based question sets as homework make the process easy and more enjoyable. As a teacher, you can select your created games or pre-made games from Blooket library and click on Host. Then, check game modes that support the Homework options such as Factory, Tower of Doom, Crazy Kingdom, Tower Defense, and Café then click Assign Homework. Provide due time, title, and edit game mode setting and then click on Assign HW. Finally, share a copy of the generated code and link with students.

What is Blooket Library?

Blooket library offers the ready-made question sets developed by the Blooket community. So, you can search here for your preferred question sets for sharing with your students. After signing in to Blooket, click on Discovery from the top of your dashboard. Write on the search bar and check the collections. Moreover, to find desired games you have to browse through the collections; the reason is that subject, grade, topic, etc are not included in Blooket search specifications. You have only limited search filter options including the cover image, limited questions, and limited answers. 

Click on your selected question sets, then decide whether you like to host it for students to play by themselves. Moreover, you have options of adding them to your favorite list or duplicating them for future use.

What are the Stats feature in Blooket? 

The stats feature in Blooket is a unique and useful option. It is an important measuring tool for student activities and learning improvement. Moreover, a details game history report helps teachers to understand the students’ improvement over time. Furthermore, it assists teachers in planning the required teaching activities by measuring the students learning progress and obstacles.

What are the other popular Blooket features?

Teachers and students, both find Blooket easy to operate and play. So, it becomes popular among all ages and interests.

Randomizing feature of Blooket enables teachers to involve students in groups smoothly. Randomized point reward is also possible; so, it assists in conducting speed-based competition.

The platform offers a lot of fun. Therefore, students feel it attractive even to play out of class such as at home. As a result, teachers can make question sets based on students’ abilities for a continuation of games for regular improvement.

The engagement system of Blooket such as points and coins inspires students to continue participating in games. However, teachers need to remind that it is not legal for children under 13 years old.

How Blooket Help the Learning Process of Students?

Blooket is considered an engaging and modest addictive quiz-based learning platform. The mechanics, incentives, attractive design, and interesting games make it a fevorate choice for students. The playing process is so harmonious that students improve their skills without conscious effort. The competitiveness and rewards encourage students to participate in games and finally achieve the learning outcomes designed for the game. Moreover, competitors’ multiple routes, randomizing points, and auto-generating groups features of group gameplay make it a perfect tool for classroom management.

Two of the limitations of the platform that many feels are limited question variety and a little bit of addictiveness. Moreover, another fact that needs to be considered is that students learn alongside the game than as a part of the game. 

However, Blooket is improving its platform for more open-ended participation by adding diverse games for new learning and competing. 

What are the cons of Blooket?

Reviewers mentioned major 3 facts about Blooket as disadvantages. Firstly, Blooket games are bound to multiple-choice questions. Secondly, there is a limited correction option in the question set library. Finally, for an easy sign-up system, an underage user could create an account.

What are Blooket subscription plans?

Blooket has three subscription options. It offers a free plan, a premium plan, and quotation-based group pricing. 

The free plan allows you features including access to create and host games, unique game modes, question set search, and unlimited sets and edits.

The Plus Plan offers includes enhanced game reports, early event access, exclusive features, student bonus tokens, copy and duplicate set options, plus priority support. There are two payment options for Plus Plan. It is $2.99 per month or billed yearly at $35.88. 

Another monthly subscription system is Plus Flex, priced at $4.99. In the plan, you will enjoy all the features of the Plus Plan.