Caviar Airpods Pro Gold Edition are like expensive earrings that play music

Caviar Airpods Pro Gold Edition

Smart earrings are not a thing, but Caviar’s latest creation is coming: AirPods Pro wrapped in 18K gold. A single solid piece of gold covers each headset, as well as the charging case.

Caviar Airpods Pro Gold Edition

Caviar points out that the buds are heavier than the originals and says it’s a good thing. You get what you pay for and, in this case, you pay a lot of gold. Speaking of payment, this is a kind of “if you have to ask” situation, but we’ll tell you anyway: the Caviar AirPods Pro Gold Edition costs $ 67,790.

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It is possible that 99% have to settle for something like this $ 1,550 AirPods Pro with genuine python leather and a golden Caviar logo.