Download YouTube MP3: 9 Free YouTube to MP3 Converters in 2022

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Converting YouTube videos to MP3 is easy with a YouTube converter. This is a great way to listen to music on the go. You can use an Android or iPhone device to listen to the converted videos, and you can even store the converted videos on your laptop. This way, you will have access to all of your favorite music from the biggest video-sharing website around!

Disclaimer: This post is demonstrated for personal fair use only. It’s illegal to download copyrighted content from distribution, and other commercial purposes.

9 Free YouTube to MP3 Converters in 2022

We’ve included some excellent converters for downloading music from YouTube. Our suggested converters are easy to use and have a number of advantages over other options: 

>> They help you in no time at all by converting YouTube videos into various formats

>> They support multiple devices, including computers, phones, and tablets

>> You can trust their results because they have been tested and verified by users

1. Any Video Converter Freeware

Any Video Converter Freeware

Available for: Windows, macOS

Reasons to Use

>> Convert between Video and Audio Formats

>> Edit & Personalize Video Files

>> Burn Video to DVD Playable on TV

>> Play Video & DVD Movies with Built-in Player

“Thank you folks! – for providing your software free and simple to use. I am a senior citizen on SS, with some medical difficulties, and rather new in computers. I’ve been trying for a long time to download music videos & convert them to TV compatible playback files. Other software trials too complicated or just didn’t work. I was thrilled when my first attempt with yours worked the very first time. Logical and efficient steps!”

“I have been using free version of AVC for a while now – great bit of kit, really like it. As a software developer myself, I find it intuitive, nice UI, no gimmicks. thumbs up from me.”

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2. 4K YouTube to MP3

4K YouTube to MP3

Available for: Windows

Reasons to Use

>> Download YouTube playlists

>> Download YouTube channels

>> All popular websites support

>> Get original quality without conversion

>> Download Audiobooks

>> Built-in player

“The only one that isn’t a virus and it’s easy to use.” Read more…

“Very good, even though I can’t buy the premium, the free version is great for downloading music.” Read more…

“Awesome App. I love how it makes it so easy to download millions of songs from youtube.” Read more…

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3. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader

Available for: Windows

Reasons to Use

>> Download video in HD quality

>> Download subtitles in one click

>> Download YouTube subscriptions

>> Download full playlists and channels

>> Download 3D video

>> Smart Mode Feature

“The best so far of the downloaders I have tried. Easy to use and convenient. Had no virus problems. Helped me in saving a lot of data.”

“Works far better than any other YouTube downloader I have tried. Easy to use: just copy URL from Youtube, click the green “+” icon,”

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4. DVDVideoSoft Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Available for: Windows, macOS

Reasons to Use

>> Convert YouTube to MP3 and get Insane and Extreme 320kbps MP3 hi-fi files!

>> Also convert to AAC, OGG, M4A, FLAC and WAV lossless audio.

>> Download original audio quality files without conversion.

>> Convert any YouTube playlist to MP3.

>> Available for Mac, PC and Android. 100% clean and safe.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter functions properly. All YouTube videos are available for download. Get the whole world of MP3s. Find playlists and channels to match your mood. Download and convert YouTube Playlist to MP3. This is the unique feature of the program.”

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5. ClipGrab


Available for: Windows,

Reasons to Use

>> ClipGrab is a free downloader and converter for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and many other online video sites.

>> It converts downloaded videos to MPEG4, MP3 or other formats in just one easy step.

“A friendly downloader for YouTube and other sites.”

6. MediaHuman


Available for: Windows,

Reasons to Use

>> Downloads all music from a playlist or channel

>> Tracks playlist/channel updates and downloads only new videos

>> Downloads highest available quality up to 320 kbps

>> Supports YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, etc.

>> Downloads simultaneously several tracks

>> Includes simple tag editor with cover art image support

>> Works on all modern platforms (macOS, Windows, Ubuntu)

>> Exports downloaded files to iTunes/

“This is my 10 month anniversary of using this product. No other program is better on the market!”

“I have recently started using this after trying many other apps (free and paid for) and I must say this is by far the best! Best features: ability to transfer to i tunes (even a specific playlist) without fuss and not keep duplicates. Also accurate (eg artwork) and fast. Congratulations on producing task specific software that works!”

7. FreeGrabApp

FreeGrabApp  Download YouTube MP3

Available for: Windows,

Reasons to Use

>> Fast downloading

>> Load Control

>> High quality audio

>> Converting

>> Multi-Stream

>> Lame MP3 presets

“I love this software I could download any music I want and it came out okay no static and no mess up on the music.”

“This software is simple but it is good to me.just becouse is simple!:D i like it.” 

8. YouTubeDownloaderSite

YouTubeDownloaderSite  Download YouTube MP3

Available for: Windows

Reasons to Use

>> Easier to download and save any Youtube to mp3 online video in mere seconds

>> Safe and easy to install

>> Download and save any YouTube video you are watching with just a few clicks

>> Listen to it on your PC or device anytime

“Youtube Downloader is an application you can download to your PC from, making it even easier to download and save any Youtube to mp3 online video in mere seconds. The downloader is safe and easy to install. Once it is on your computer, it will give you the option to download and save any YouTube video you are watching with just a few clicks. In no time at all, YouTube Downloader makes it possible for you to save the audio of your favorite YouTube videos in mp3 format so that you can listen to it on your PC or device anytime.”

9. YT3

YT3 Download YouTube MP3

Available for: Android

Reasons to Use

>> You will not get lost in the application.

>> Definitely find what you search for.

>> Lyrics will be shown as you listen to the music.

>> Downloading mp3 from Youtube could never be easier.

“YT3 YouTube Downloader is an android application which lets you download any music or video from YouTube in mp3 or mp4 format with lightning speed.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the facts you need to consider for the best YouTube to MP3 converters?

When you’re looking for a YouTube to MP3 converter, it’s important to consider how many videos you want to convert. If you only want to do it once or twice, an online tool might be the best choice, but if you plan on doing this more often, downloading dedicated desktop software can speed up the process. It pays attention when testing tools so as not to downloads malware; we’ve thoroughly tested all of them and can confidently recommend them.

Why do you use desktop YouTube to MP3 Converter App?

Desktop software is faster because the data is not processed by the remote server. In addition, some applications can also convert multiple YouTube videos to MP3 format at once.

How to download youtube videos to mp3?

What is 4K video?

4K is a new resolution standard designed for digital cinema and computer graphics. This has the following advantages: Higher image definition quality, more detailed images, better fast action, and better visibility of the projection plane.

The name of the 4K format is because the horizontal resolution is about 4000 pixels. On the other hand, because of the vertical resolution, standard 1080p and 720p resolutions were mentioned. The new standard offers image resolutions that are more than four times higher than, for example, 1080p resolutions.

What is a YouTube playlist?

YouTube playlists are an easy-to-use and useful feature. A list of videos combined on a particular topic. After each video is finished, each video will automatically play one after another without pressing the play button multiple times. Playlists are widely used by the creators of their own YouTube content to easily organize pages for fans and viewers. It also makes it easy for regular YouTube users to access their favorite videos that they want to watch later. One was ordered by theme and the list continues. Create your own playlists for any theme and save other users’ interesting playlists on the page. All with just a few clicks.

How can I avoid legal issues when downloading YouTube videos?

YouTube has two types of licenses: Standard and Creative Commons.

The default YouTube license is the default licensing option for all uploaded videos. Content owners who continue this type of license grant YouTube exclusive rights. Platform users and viewers can view and share content on social and other media through the sharing feature. However, it is prohibited to download and redistribute such content in any other way.

The Creative Commons License, also known as the CC License, is an option that equates to explicit permission for YouTube users and viewers to freely edit, reuse, and redistribute content. This type of license allows you to upload only the originally created content that is not copyrighted by any other company or individual.


Converting YouTube videos to audio is an easy way to listen to them on your Android or iPhone device. You can do this by installing a YouTube converter. You can also listen to converted YouTube videos on your laptop by using a video player.