Google Fi launches a cheaper “unlimited” plan with cloud storage

google fi

Google announces a new plan for its MVNO mobile service: Unlimited. Like the four major airlines in the US, Google seems to feel the need to use the word “unlimited” in addition to its service, regardless of whether or not you think so.

 google fi banner

For Google, this means that a single line costs $ 70 for everything, two $ 60 apiece, three $ 50 apiece and four to six for $ 45 per line. The caveat – and there are always limitations with unlimited plans – is that Google can “optimize” video streaming to 480p and throttle the data for every single user who has more than 22GB per month. (You can pay $ 10 per GB if you do not need throttled data over 22GB.)

Google is also adding its new Unlimited plan to Google One, another service that has not prevailed in the general game. According to Google, the Unlimited plan has a Google One membership that can save you $ 1.99 per month in 100GB of cloud storage.

The two Fi plans.

Although that sounds complicated, it’s conceptually simpler (at least in the US) than Google Fi’s previous plan – which still exists, but is now called “Flex.” In this plan, there are $ 20 for the telephone line, $ 15 extra each line and $ 10 / GB for all data used. For many customers, it could be a lot cheaper than other plans – though users of heavy data could sometimes incur higher costs. Nevertheless, Google costs with a cap of $ 60 per month.

The Flex Plan is a real bargain for some clients, but it means that their bill varies wildly from month to month, depending on the data usage. Google wanted a conceptual relief for US customers, for which all other providers offer unlimited plans.

Google Fi

With both the Unlimited and Flex tariffs, customers can order free SIM cards that contain only data and come from the same data cups, with no additional monthly fee. Most other US carriers charge a monthly fee for adding such devices, making Google Fi one of the best options for users who love LTE-enabled versions of gadgets.

Fi is also popular with international travelers because there are no additional data charges when roaming. However, calls cost $ 0.20 per minute. Fi also offers Android users a free VPN to protect them in sketchy Wi-Fi networks.

If you put it all together, Google Fi is one of the better deals for wireless networking. The bonus features are actually relevant to wireless networks rather than corporate media TV hookups. This has not been enough to promote dissemination, but perhaps the new, easier-to-understand, unlimited plans will boost Fi.


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