Google Pixel 4 XL pictures show off Leaked News 2019

Google Pixel 4 XL Review

The endless Pixel 4 leak is best seen through the larger Pixel 4 XL lab photos.

The design looks almost the same as the small pixel 4 design. This pixel will appear in many leaks and Google’s official teaser. This means that the large square camera array looks a little better on larger phones because of its larger scale.

Google Pixel 4 XL

The photo shows the black and white options for Pixel 4 XL. The white version has a black frame on the side and front of the phone for an exciting two-tone effect, especially along with the orange power button. There is a white power button that provides a little contrast, but the black model is all black.


The large bezel is also noteworthy here so that Google can fit into the Power Soli-based “Motion Sense” radar sensor. It is a completely different approach from most other 2019 mainstays that feature notches, slot punch cameras or simply remove the bezel completely. To be honest, it’s not good, but I hope the design is justified by improvements to the front camera and sensor.

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