Instagram Updates Dark Mode on iOS 13 – How to enable it!

Instagram Updates Dark Mode on iOS 13

Instagram updated the iPhone app to take advantage of iOS13’s basic dark mode support, scrolling through the Instagram pop color palette and a bright white border if not a fan and hitting stories It’s easy to .

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Unfortunately, Instagram can’t turn the dark mode option on or off within the app itself, as if Twitter’s pre-iOS13 feature was added. This means that it must match the iPhone system-wide settings. This is the current very standard by most iOS app makers adding cancer mode support for the first time.

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In other words, it’s always desirable to use more visual options, and in my opinion, I can’t complain about the much improved Instagram experience. There is an update on the App Store for those who want to try it out.

How to Enable the Dark Mode

To get the dark look, you’ll need to enable iOS 13‘s own dark mode. That seems to be the only way for now, since Instagram has yet to include a native switch in its app.

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Anyways, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Pull the control center on your iPhone
  • Long-press on the brightness indicator
  • Select dark mode from the toggle options below to enable it
  • Boom! You’re done

Or you can ask Siri to enable dark mode using the magic phrase “Hey Siri, dark mode on / off”.

The third way is to go to Settings> Display and Brightness and tap the “Dark” theme option. It ’s easy.

If you use one of these three methods, Instagram will also automatically switch to dark mode.

Unfortunately, the dark mode of Instagram can only be used on the current iOS. But don’t worry. It seems that a Facebook subsidiary is testing functionality on Android. You can quickly migrate to Google operating system.

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