iOS 13 Release time: The first 6 steps after the upgrade

If you own an iPhone, September 19th is a big day. It marks the release of iOS 13, which brings a host of new features, enhancements and app updates. You will discover new features in the coming weeks, but you should try them first.

First, should you even update?

You may want to read this before downloading the iOS 13 update to see if it’s worth buying or waiting now.

iOS 13 Release
iOS 13 Release

In new iOS versions, there are always a few bugs that will be fixed in later updates. For most users, the new features usually outweigh their inconvenience. And it could take weeks to get a major overhaul … no one wants to wait that long, right?

This year, Apple has already announced a release date for iOS 13.1, which includes some of the promised features of iOS 13 that are not included in the initial release, and fixes some known issues and bugs. It’s only ten days after iOS 13, on September 30th. This is also the day you get iPadOS 13 on your iPad.

Given its proximity to iOS 13 and the fact that it introduces some new features and seems a bit more stable and flawless (at least during the beta testing phase), we would not withhold it from you on 30 September, if you will wait for iOS 13.1.

If you decide to use iOS 13 and its new features as soon as possible (we can not blame you!), See our iOS 13 manual for how to update.

Update your apps

Once your phone has been updated and restarted, you should take a trip to the App Store (with a new design) and check for updates to the app.

ios13 app store update

Touch your profile picture in the top right corner to go to your account page. Drag it down to refresh, and then scroll to the Pending Updates section. You probably have a lot of app updates. Many apps are updated just to improve compatibility or fix iOS 13 bugs. However, many more apps will add new features that will be activated with the new iOS 13 developer tools.

Activate the dark mode

You’ll probably be asked if you want a light or dark appearance the first time you restart the phone after upgrading to iOS 13. However, you probably want to know the different ways that you can quickly switch between dark and light appearances, and you may even want to adjust it to automatically turn on the darker appearance at night and the bright during the day.

We recommend that you spend at least a few days in Dark Mode to get used to it and to see if you really prefer the light appearance.

Make your iMessage profile

With iOS 13, you can set a picture and a name so other users see when they receive messages from you. You can use a photo or create one with a memoji or animoji. With many new memoji options in iOS 13, this is the perfect time to improve your photo.

Image result for Make your iMessage profile

Our guide will guide you through each step of creating your iMessage profile.

Give Apple Arcade a shot

Apple has a new game subscription service called Apple Arcade. It offers access to over 100 games for 4.99 USD per month. None of the games have in-app purchases, ads, or other ways to get more money from you. In addition, Family Sharing is fully supported, allowing up to five other family members to receive Apple Arcade for free.

Give Apple Arcade a shot

We tried a few dozen games and the overall quality is surprisingly good! It’s worth $ 5 every month and you have a month to try it out.

Just go to the App Store and look for the Arcade tab below.

Take a tour of Apple Maps

Apple Arcade costs $ 5 a month. You should at least try the free month.
Take a tour of Apple Maps
We know that Apple Maps was not always the best way to find or get from here. However, the new, much more detailed map data is rapidly being deployed in the US, along with design and feature updates in the Maps app. Another look is worthwhile. You may not need Google Maps anymore.

Take a tour of Apple Maps

In particular, try the Look Around feature (you may need to navigate to a city to find an area that supports this feature), and mark some of your favorite locations for quick access. This is also the perfect time to set your home and business addresses on your contact card, so they are always available in the Maps app.

Note that the ability to share ETA with the iOS 13.1 update is available on September 30th.

Mute unknown calls

The spam calls are completely out of control. Fortunately, iOS 13 has a handy feature that helps reduce the annoyance of the devices.

iphone phone unknown ios13

Open the app settings, scroll down, and tap Phone. Then enable the Mute Unknown Callers option.

If you’re called from a number in your contacts, messages, or the mail app, it works the same way as always. Every other call is forwarded directly to the voicemail. Your phone does not even ring (not even a “silent ringing”).

iOS 13 Release

Get well again by sending these spam calls to voicemail.
It’s a great setting to turn on, but you should remember to turn it off when you expect a call from another source. For example, if you’ve contacted a Yelp contractor and expect it to call you, you’ll either want to disable it or add its number to your contacts.

Muted calls continue to appear throughout your phone application and you will still receive a missed call notification. You just do not hear your phone ringing.