Lenovo’s ZUI 11.5 Beta is now available along with Lenovo One

Lenovo ZUI 11.5 Beta

Earlier today, Vice President of Lenovo, Chang Cheng, announced on Weibo that ZUI 11.5 (based on Android 10) Beta is now available.

Lenovo ZUI 11.5 Beta

Cheng also announced that Lenovo One is also available – this is a platform that would integrate with Android to allow cross-platform connectivity with support for display projections, quick file transfers like with Apple’s Air Drop, and Bluetooth quick links.

Reports about Lenovo One first surfaced last week, and the hardware manufacturer is expected to announce more details about it at Lenovo’s Tech World Innovation conference, which kicks off on Thursday, November 14, 2019 in Beijing.

New features on ZUI 11.5 include integration with Lenovo Windows machines running Lenovo One, a new interface, optimizations and bug fixes, as well as the new features baked into Android 10 like notification controls and more advanced location permissions.

It isn’t clear which devices will receive ZUI 11.5, but we’d imagine the Z6 Pro and other flagships will be the first.

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