Quizizz Reviews: The Pros, Cons and Final Say

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What is Quizizz?

“Quizizz is an Indian educational software company headquartered in Bengaluru, India, that creates and sells a gamified student engagement platform. The software is used in class, group assignments, pre-test review, formative assessments and pop quizzes.” – Source

“Use the Quizizz app to learn anything, anywhere. You can study on your own or engage in group quizzes, assignments, and presentations—in person and remotely. Quizizz is used by more than 20 million people per month in schools, homes, and offices around the world.” – Source

“Quizizz is a quiz and interactive lesson tool similar to Kahoot!, Pear Deck, and Nearpod. Teachers must create an account, but for students it’s optional. Students access teacher-shared content using a link or access code through the website or app, and they can see both questions and answers on their screens.” – Source

“Quizizz(opens in new tab) is primarily an online-based quiz tool that operates like a gameshow. That means a question-and-answer platform that works across web browsers and Chrome as well as iPhone and Android devices, with dedicated apps for both.” – Source

“Quizizz is a learning platform that uses gamification to make content immersive and engaging. Participants can engage in live and asynchronous learning using any device—in person or remotely.” Source

Quizizz Review


“It is very well made for a mobile app. There are a few things that could be optimized such as the default size of images attached to questions, but this is my on the go go-to for my studies. I have used this for multiple semesters in college and continue to choose Quizizz because of the option to “write-in” answers at the free tier. Kahoot and Quizlet do not allow it, but that one feature helps when I have to know how to spell things related to my nursing courses.” – Source

“I’m a student, but the way that Quizizz makes the Quizzes. Are actually fun! In the beginning when I was first introduced to Quizizz, It’s fantastic! I have a tiny-bit of a problem though, if you search for Quizzes. There are regular math problems, Right?” – Source

“This app is really amazing 🤩. I have a school quiz of History📖 and it’s really helping me. I love this educational app. Please everyone whoever has an exam or quiz download and learn from this app. It’s awesome.” – Source

“Students will love seeing their progress through class leaderboards. Varied question types keep things interesting. Video and audio responses add flavor.” – Source

“The ability to take a quiz privately or as a class is a useful option. This allows teachers to assign individual quizzes suited to each student, or to work as a class, getting feedback on how the class is managing with a single subject across the group.” – Source

“Using Quizizz editor, you can easily design your own quizzes  embedding various types of questions (multiple choice, open ended, polls, fill in the blanks, etc.) and media (e.g., images, videos, voice clips, and audio recordings).” – Source

“As a classroom teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed using Quizizz with my fourth grade students. It was always a part of our review day before a test. My students would shout with excitement when it was time to use Quizizz. It’s a very fun, engaging tool for students that helps them review their skills and knowledge. It was also a tool I could assign to them individually in addition to whole class for independent work time. This is a great tool, overall.” – Source

“Being able to connect with Google Classroom classes & individual students, and quickly get reports back on student progress. I like redemptions. I like the ability to set how many times a student can play.” – Source


“So disappointed, I even recommend it to my students. It logged out my account and when I tried to open it, it says my account ‘user not found’ . so I tried to forgot my password, I received the OTP, but after changing my password, it says ‘some error occured ….’ I even tried to use the suggested password. please fix it.” – Source

“My first issue with this app is where teachers have an option where if you get an answer wrong, you only see the wrong answer you put. I am begging you, please, to get rid of this option. I have been using Quizizz for a very long time as a student and I am so so fed up with and tired of seeing a question feeling like I know an answer to it, press an answer, and end up getting it wrong and only seeing the wrong answer. Why do you think this is okay? Do you think this motivates us students? Cause let me tell you, IT DOESN’T. As a matter of fact, it does the opposite. And only the opposite. It makes me get angry.” – Source

“While you can use the free option, there is a $10 per month plan that is billed annually at $96. This gets you access to the Quizizz Super library of quizzes and the ability to create unlimited quizzes and lessons.” – Source

“It’s too distracting. There are bad memes after a lot of the questions which slow you down and there are powerups which seem to be the focus but really it degrades the quality of the platform. You can’t even go back and change your answers.” – Source

“I would prefer less restrictions to the type of questions that I can ask. It is good to ask knowledge type questions but not the best for essay type questions.” – Source

Quizizz Review

Final Say

“This tool has come a long way, adding handy customization options that allow teachers to create learning experiences that exceed other quiz platforms.” – Source

“For teachers this platform offers a large database of quiz options, making it a simple to use tool that doesn’t require a lot of time and effort. But since these can be edited, this can also provide a more in-depth and personalized offering for students and classes.” – Source

“Quizziz is an online assessment tool that allows to teachers and students to create and use one another’s quizzes. After providing students with a unique access code, a quiz can be presented live as a timed competition or used for homework with a specific deadline.” – Source

“I used to be really bothered by the inability to turn off the timer. I felt that students rushed through questions to beat the timer or earn more points.” Source

“I love how Quizizz allows users to search through a large bank of already-made questions. I also enjoy using Quizizz’s “Homework” feature for Asynchronous learning and staff development. I often use Quizizz for ice-breakers and staff “get to know you” activities during professional development days.” Source

“I love that I can search any topic/subject and allow my students to simply practice or use it as an assessment! I also like that I can access and view reports to see how my students did on their quizizz! It tells me how long they spent on each question, which questions they missed, and which questions they got correct! Not even a paper test can tell you how long each student spent on each question!” – Source


Is it free?

“There’s a free version as well as a paid version called Quizizz Super. This paid version removes ads, adds the audio/ video response and custom feedback features, and more.” – Source

“Basic allows only 100 students per lesson/assignment  The Super plan allows 500 students per lesson/assignment and offers way more features.” Source