Samsung signs exclusive deal with Ultra Thin Glass supplier for future foldables

Samsung Ultra Thin Glass Foldable

Samsung has secured an exclusive agreement with Dowoo Insis for Ultra Thing Glass (UTG), which will be used in future folding phones. Exclusivity means that Dowoo will only sell UTG to Samsung and no one else.

Samsung Ultra Thin Glass Foldable

Currently, the company can produce an estimated 500,000 units per month. It is believed that the glass is less than 100 µm thick, maybe as thin as 30 µm (that’s less than a human hair). Even so, it is much stronger than the polyamide plastic used in today’s Galaxy Fold, at least when it comes to scratches.

Dowoo Insis received an investment of KRW 12 billion from Samsung Venture Investment as part of the exclusive agreement. The contract is believed to be medium to long term and Samsung is looking to inject even more cash into Dowoo so that it can expand its production capacity (strengthening its existing Korean facilities and building new ones in Vietnam).

According to reports, Samsung plans to sell 5-6 million folding phones next year, so Dowoo should be able to supply enough UTG panels. But if the folding form factor takes off from the way Samsung expects it to, it will need a much larger supply for the next few years, especially when creating inventory for the launch of a new model. At least you won’t have to worry about other companies buying Dowoo panels.