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Free Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates. Find the best Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template to use in your presentation. It is 100% free to use.

Free Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates to boost your presentation. Slidesgo offers an extensive catalog of free Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates for creative presentations. These are endless possibilities as they can be customized to the needs of a particular user.

Slidesgo is a platform with a rich collection of free Google Slides and PowerPoint templates. We have a wealth of templates for marketing, education, business, medical and more.

As a subsidiary of Freepik Company, Slidesgo offers a comprehensive collection of high quality vectors, infographics, icons, and other graphic resources.

Most Slidesgo templates are free, but free users should leave the attribution link in place. There is a selection of Google Slides and PowerPoint templates for teachers and students.

Instructors or marketers can use these innovative visual designs for a variety of purposes. For example, you can present abstract concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, clarify difficult topics, simplify complex steps, or provide step-by-step tutorials. Innovative design and easy-to-edit visual aids help convey ideas effectively. Free customizable templates help you connect with your customers in your business presentations. Great for corporate meetings, sales presentations, and project proposals.

Slidesgo Template Features


A variety of great templates suitable for all projects and presentations.


A large amount of resources are available for each template. Icons, infographics, images … Create and customize your presentation to your liking.


A well-structured presentation with a sleek design will improve communication and make your project more attractive.



Slidesgo Template

The Slidesgo library contains a large number of professionally designed templates. You can use the search box on the home page to enter your search query, or use the tags provided to quickly find related templates. Tags include popularity, education, business, marketing, medical, versatile, and infographics these days. Click a tag to access the collection of templates contained in the tag. You can further refine your search by color, style, license, subject, and format.

Slidesgo Education Template

The Education section of Slidesgo offers a variety of visually appealing Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates designed specifically for the education community. You can search for educational templates by grade (eg Pre-K, elementary school, junior high school, high school, university), subject (eg geography, literacy, physical education, chemistry, biology, music, linguistic arts, social studies, math, history). Masu, among others), licenses (eg free and premium), and by format (eg banners, Instagram posts, etc.).

You can also filter templates by style (illustration, image, colorful, cute, modern, simple, graffiti, dark, cartoon, gradient, minimalist, vintage, pattern, etc.). The main template categories in the Education section are Thesis Defense (more than 190 templates), Lessons (more than 400 templates), Workshops (more than 180 templates), and Schools (more than 500 templates).

Slidesgo Infographic

The Slidesgo Infographics section gives you access to pre-designed customizable templates for creating timelines, charts (including bars and gunts), diagrams, mind maps, calendars, roadmaps, language learning infographics and more. .. Use the search filter to quickly find the infographic template to use with Google Slides and PowerPoint. You can filter your search by tag (popular and recent), topic (history, physics, emotional intelligence, science, biology, art, etc.), license (free and premium).

Slidesgo infographics can be easily inserted into Google Slides presentations. Method is as follows.

  • First, open both the Google Slides presentation and the downloaded infographic template.
  • In the slide editor, click to add a new slide or select an existing slide
  • Go to the infographic template and copy the design you want to insert in your slideshow
  • Paste the copied visual on the slide.

Templates for daily organization

Slidesgo contains some great templates to help you organize your daily routine. For example, this Theme: Teacher OS Weekly Planner (pictured below) is a computer-themed presentation full of screens and pop-ups that will help you plan your online learning activities for the week. I like how folders are pre-hyperlinked to different slides.

With so many remote students teaching, teachers can combine all the lessons of a day, a week, or even a month with Slidego’s colorful templates, such as: increase. These are perfect for PreK, elementary school and even high school students. Color and typography give it a very hilarious style. Be creative! This template in the photo below was titled Education Template, but can be used for any subject.

You can also use these templates to create digital notebooks for different topics. I love the presentation of this spelling workshop for spelling / word learning organizations.

Use different slides to create spelling activities that students complete throughout the week. It keeps all their work in one place. Slidesgo also has “extras” that you can copy and paste onto your slides to act as clip art or moving parts.

How to use Slidesgo template?

When you find the presentation template you are interested in, click it to open it. On the right side, select whether to save to Google Slides or PowerPoint. If you’re a Google Slides user, click Make Copy to open the template in the slide editor. For PowerPoint users, you can save the template directly to your computer, open the template in PowerPoint, and edit it as needed.

How do you organize your Slidesgo templates?

One way to quickly access your favorite Slidesgo templates is to bookmark them and organize them into folders. It is only available to registered users and here are how to do it:

First, find the presentation template you are interested in and hover your mouse over it or click to open it and click the heart button. The presentation template has been added to your favorites list and can now be accessed from the Slidesgo profile page.

You can also easily create folders in your favorites for easier navigation. To create a folder, go to the Slidesgo profile page, click Favorites> Create New Folder button, and enter a name for the new folder. To add a template to a folder, click the template, tap the heart icon, and select the folder you want to add.

How much does Slidesgo cost?

Slidesgo offers two types of subscriptions, free and premium. The free plan has limited functionality (for example, 10 templates per month, attribution required). There are two types of premium plans, a monthly plan and an annual plan. Premium users have benefits such as full license, priority support, and exclusive content.

Best Slidesgo Alternatives

However, Slidesgo has some drawbacks. Most users don’t find it simple and intuitive to navigate, it lacks artificial intelligence technology that’s present in modern presentation software, and it doesn’t support presentation in the 3D model. Besides, its free plan has limited features; you’ll have to upgrade to enjoy the best features.

These limitations are enough reason to consider Slidesgo alternatives that offer an exceptional user experience with outstanding features.

Ready to explore some of these alternatives? Stay with me.



SlidesCarnival is the first alternative to Slidesgo. With a rich collection of free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes to help enhance your presentation. All templates are fully customizable, easy to modify and for personal and commercial use.

You can use either of these PowerPoint templates or Google Slides themes to design your presentation. Slides Carnival’s versatile and editable templates allow you to create impressive presentations in minutes.

Be creative, professional, and use unusual designs to stand out from the crowd. Presentations don’t have to be boring, so you can use this tool to provide your audience with a compelling and memorable experience.

It allows you to create the best birthday party or commemorate your achievements. Designed to help you plan birthday parties for friends, relatives and colleagues, these beautiful birthday templates can instantly bring your vision to life.

Unlike Slidesgo, which has templates for business, SlideCarnival comes with custom templates that startups can use to suggest ideas.

SlideCarnival allows you to quickly design compelling business presentations with free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes. All designs have a professional look and express self-confidence. Feel free to use it for your presentation.


2. Padlet

Padlet is intuitive and fun to use, even if you’ve never used productivity software before. You can post, drag and drop, or copy and paste with a single click. Your changes are automatically saved each time you create a design.

This software is available for Apple and Android devices. You can also use the app to take pictures and read QR codes.

Padlet integrates with other apps. Unlike Slidesgo, you can embed Padlets in your blog or site. You can copy and paste a custom link address that is easy to remember and export the data as a CSV, PDF, Excel file, or image.

This software can showcase your best work and give more information about yourself to your colleagues and viewers. In addition, you can follow individuals who share your interests to be part of the community.

It allows you to customize your profile with backgrounds and colors. It supports more than 42 languages, which is better than Slidesgo, so it’s easy to use.

You can collaborate on a variety of designs, including close friends and colleagues on this platform. This grants read-only, write, supervisor, or administrator access and can be revoked at any time.


3. Keynote speech

Keynote is another alternative to Slidesgo with over 700 designed charts and galleries. Most Apple devices come with Keynote, making it easy to create stunning and memorable presentations.

Compared to Slidesgo, Keynote has an Apple Pencil that allows you to sketch figures and images on your iPhone or iPad.

In addition, teams can collaborate in real time on Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Keynote works the same on all Apple devices. This means that slides created on a Mac or iPad will look the same on the iPhone and vice versa.

Make your presentation look more sophisticated with over 30 eye-catching themes. Alternatively, you can make presentation designs, background images, and page-by-page adjustments.

With over 30 dramatic transitions and effects, you can add emotion to your presentation. You can also add textures, gradients, and even images to your slides to make them stand out.

Keynote allows you and your friends to collaborate on the same project, both in the city and around the world.


4. SlideEgg

SlideEgg is committed to providing you and your organization with the best PowerPoint templates to master professional ventures with a diverse staff of over 25 designers and imaging professionals.

Compared to Slidesgo, SlideEgg creates a presentation for you when you pay. They ensure that all details match your vision of the result. You should give them a set of detailed requirements and rest assured that they will create attractive and beautiful Microsoft presentation slides.

You can edit and modify your presentations and templates in any version of Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote.


5. PS slide

Her mission is to impress the audience, convey ideas and help create magnificent slides with results. Their customizable presentation deck allows you to present your thoughts and communicate with your audience.

With PSlides, you can view data and numbers, and display your thoughts concisely and accurately. You can use PowerPoint charts in your presentations to quickly explain complex concepts by showing them how they relate to each other.

Let’s say you’re looking for a PowerPoint template that contains a timeline or schedule. PSlides provides these various templates for calendars, flowcharts, Gantt charts and more.

You can use PowerPoint charts to view your team’s revenue, customer support, social media activity, and other metrics. You can show how your staff and business relationships are going on.

With a variety of charts to choose from, including bar charts, line charts, pie charts, and percentile charts, teams can easily determine where they can improve in the future.

PSlides allows you to access different PowerPoint cards with editable PowerPoint slides. This software is easier to use than Slides go.

When giving a presentation with lots of numbers, you can rely on the text and tables in the PowerPoint template. This collection of PowerPoint templates makes it easy for people to remember information by easily associating numbers with visual markers.


6. HiSlide

HiSlide includes free presentation slides that will captivate your audience. Choose from ready-made Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote designs.

It takes less than 2 minutes to adjust the color scheme. HiSlide allows you to use Excel spreadsheets to edit PowerPoint-themed charts, charts, and dashboard data.

In addition, the Business Presentation section gives you access to hundreds of different slides for analytics, infographics, reports, and interaction templates.

The Google Slides theme is so simple that even novice users can use it. No additional software is required to modify elements in Google Workspace.

Unlike Slidesgo, HiSlide comes with a Keynote presentation template that supports a retinal monitor. All infographics and images have been developed with MAC Keynote in mind, so you can change them with just two clicks.


7. Template sample

Template Monsters is a huge and fast growing market where you can enjoy high quality digital products that meet the latest web standards.

We also have a collection of templates suitable for a variety of special presentation projects, small businesses, start-ups, or other businesses. Comes with a modern and simple Keynote template that makes it easy to edit everything.

Template Monsters has Google Slides themes for blogs and PowerPoint templates for business that are available in different designs and styles. Most are fully customizable. Unlike Slidesgo, this platform allows you to create 3D presentations.

With the Infographic Templates Pack, you get a variety of presentation templates that can take your presentation to the next level. These templates contain business functions that can display statistical data.

If you want to add visual appeal to your presentation, this platform offers a rich collection of high quality graphics. Some images include a library of icons and logos, animated banners, fonts, After Effects, and more.

In addition, it builds a solid brand profile and provides templates to help you get your business attention.


8. Pitch deck

Pitch decks allow you to create visually compelling presentations on the web. Since its inception, Pitch Deck has been used by more than 10,000 people in all disciplines to create motivational and enthusiastic presentations for employees to showcase their products and services.

Its proven pitch deck template eliminates guesswork from pitch deck creation and provides a short, compelling, prospect-friendly pitch.

When designing, take into account colorful icons, stock photos, fashionable images, and a huge array of fascinating transitions that attract the public’s attention.

Pitch Deck’s unique visual analysis tools make boring things attractive and easy to understand.

Artificial intelligence technology helps turn boring presentations into spectacular designs. This is a tool missing from Slidesgo.

You can track progress and impact. You can instantly evaluate the viewer’s reaction and choose the changes you want to make.


9. Vizzlo

Vizzlo is an online application that allows you to quickly generate stunning charts and business visuals. With over 100 card designs, you can easily build visualizations, endless features, and seamless interactions.

You can upload your organization’s design fonts, designs, colors, and icons to your template to inform all team members.

It gives you the opportunity to add teammates and be creative. In addition, the app’s document history lets you see who is working on which topic.

Suppose you want to analyze your data and create stunning graphs. With Vizzlo, you can get it from offline and online map builders using PowerPoint, Google Slides, and third-party connections. Slides go cannot provide that option.

You can subscribe and start with a 14-day free trial. The Professionals plan costs $ 11 per month, the Teams plan costs $ 45 per month for 5 seats, and the Enterprise plan has a custom quote.


10. Sermon

Prezi is a presentation tool that uses animation, zoom, and spatial relationships to realize your vision and make you a better presenter. It’s a video maker that curates content, allowing you to create immersive and engaging videos in minutes without any prior editing knowledge.

While Slidesgo allows you to create presentations in video format, Prezi has an advanced feature called WebEx that is more appealing. Here, present the content next to you so that you can maintain direct contact with your viewers.

You can also give your presentation in Zoom, which provides the same results as WebEx.

The Prezi Gallery has a collection of presentations where you can find examples of presentations on different themes, current events, and industries. Explore and motivate him with his breathtaking presentations.

Create beautiful and engaging slideshows with Prezi’s professional editable templates. These templates are completely free and easy to personalize to your content.

Your safety is their priority. Their professional security team manages all aspects of network, system, information, and application security with state-of-the-art technology. Their organized security guarantees the security of your data.

You can pay for their plans, and it also comes with a 14-day free trial. The basic plan is completely free, the plus plan is $ 12 per month and the premium plan is $ 16 per month.


11. Slide master

SlideModel provides customizable PowerPoint layouts and presentation themes to help you articulate your ideas.

The user interface is simple and beginners can use SlideModel more easily than Slidesgo.

This category provides excellent PowerPoint diagrams with unique slide styles and designs for presentations. You can download PowerPoint templates that include various diagrams such as dendrograms, circulations, process flow diagrams, and cycle process diagrams.

You can also use the map outline library in your presentation. Simply download a customizable, editable PowerPoint card to create your own project.

Use attractive PowerPoint shapes in your presentations to leave a lasting impression on your customers. PPT presentations are the most effective way to spread your ideas. You can get a PowerPoint template that contains shape-based drawings.

To provide a compelling PowerPoint presentation, download innovative timeline templates and PowerPoint timeline designs and images. Create beautiful presentations of your project with off-the-shelf timeline slide layouts.



Powtoon is a video creation software that allows you to create professional and personalized videos that your viewers will enjoy.

Unlike Slidesgo, which relies on written content, Powtoon can turn everyday communication into an intense visual experience across your organization. With the highest levels of service and security, departments increase their reach and influence.

Creating an intranet at work has never been easier, but you can use LMS or LXP to bring data into your blog or website. You can also send great animated films and visual messages to the public via email and social media.

Whether you’re a skill level or a videographer, you can easily and easily develop visual communication with Powtoon.

Dozens of animated characters, video backgrounds, layouts and music help tell a fascinating story. It can help you make a movie without the need for design or technical skills, so you can make a big impact on your work right away.

You can subscribe to their monthly plan. The Pro plan costs $ 89 and the Pro + plan costs $ 197.


13. iSlide

iSlide is a PowerPoint add-in that does everything. This is one of Slidesgo’s best choices to provide designer PowerPoint presentation templates.

You can combine slides, combine images to suit your requirements, and export them as images in seconds. You can also innovatively duplicate shapes and create circular patterns.

You can adjust many parameter variables to personalize your PowerPoint slides.

In addition, you can collect hundreds of templates, each with fonts, colors, effect rules, covers, and layouts.

Compared to Slidesgo, iSlide provides over 4000 well-designed graphs that adapt to the current slide color scheme and layout.

A well-tuned color scheme brightens the slides. In addition, you can create eye-catching custom charts, customize your data, and view them all in real time.

This application offers a monthly subscription of $ 9.99 and an annual cost of $ 39.95.


14. SlideWin

SlideWin provides numerous PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes to create stunning presentations. All themes are easy to customize and are available for personal and commercial use.

Check out the best collection of free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes for your next presentation. There are configurable templates with easy-to-edit graphic styles and beautiful backgrounds.

SlideWin offers a huge collection of free Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates that you can use in your presentations. Slidesgo, on the other hand, allows you to download only 10 presentation templates for free each month. The premium plan gives you access to unlimited templates only.

The educational template is great and features a high quality visual design specially created for school presentations. In that case, your story will be more engaging, vibrant and engaging. As a result, they will soon get everyone’s attention.

With free business PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes, you can create amazing presentations that will delight your customers. Use these slide sets to professionally present your message, vision, or facts.

You can use great free infographics. It makes your complex information much easier to understand.

In addition, all templates in this collection are fully customizable. Even if you’re not an experienced designer, you can fit every slide to your vision.


15. SlideBazaar

SlideBazaar is a focus group of enthusiastic designers who specialize in creating presentation templates. You’ll have access to high-quality materials that will help you take your presentation to another level.

Unlike Slidesgo, it comes with a carefully crafted keynote template. Users can use keynote templates to represent a variety of corporate, academic, marketing, and even annual report themes.

In addition, SlideBazaar has company slides, case studies, white papers, and annual reports.

Premium and free professional ppt templates include high quality layouts that make your presentation attractive to your audience.

Timeline PowerPoint Templates help you create great timeline template slides for presentations in marketing, startups, business, and even college projects.

Using the infographic format for PowerPoint condenses large amounts of data into simple, easy-to-understand presentations. 



Of the Slidesgo options above, SlideWin will carry that day. why? Includes numerous free high quality PowerPoint and Google Slides templates.

Templates are categorized by industry, such as education, marketing, medical, business, simple, and creative, so you can easily find them.

But that’s not all. Access presentations based on more categories such as Professional, Minimal, Religious, Modern, Dark, Elegant, Technology and more.

You can also search for templates in colors such as red, green, pink, yellow, and orange. The color scheme makes it easy to find templates based on your brand’s colors.

In addition, clicking on the template gives you the option to download it to PowerPoint or Google Slides.

In addition, you can access infographic templates on this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I don’t credit Slidesgo?

In addition, you can download up to 100 templates a month, view them ad-free, get priority support, and get a license to share your presentation in an editable format without crediting Slidesgo.

Is Slidesgo copyright free?

Permission to use Slidesgo templates and custom content is free. However, your use of the Content contained in Freepik Content will be credited to the Company / Website, as the Company states from time to time.

How many slides can I download from Slidesgo?

Yes. With each user license in your SlidesgoTeams subscription, you can access thousands of free, premium and freemium templates and download up to 100 templates per month.

How do you use Slidesgo?

Using Slidesgo is very easy. Simply visit, select the template you need, download it, and use it with Google Slides or PowerPoint. There, you can modify, add, remove elements, create the color palettes your project needs, and even add your own photos to make your presentation truly unique.

How do you save Slidesgo?

Click File> Save As. Select a PDF option from the drop-down menu. Then enter a name for the file and click Save.

How do I cancel my Slidesgo subscription?

To cancel the automatic subscription renewal and prevent unnecessary future payments, you must do this using the profile option. Click the drop-down arrow, then click Subscription, and finally Unsubscribe.

Is Slidesgo free for students?

Engage students and teachers in your presentations with the best school PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes. All slide designs are easy to edit and are 100% free to use.

What is Freemium Slidesgo?

When browsing the Slidesgo website, look at the upper left corner of each template’s thumbnail. If you see a silver crown and the caption “Freemium”, you’ve found it.

Can I transfer PowerPoint to Google Slides?

On the main page of Google Drive, click New in the upper left corner and select Upload File. Find and select the PowerPoint file and click Open. Once the file is uploaded to Google Drive, right-click the file and select Open With> Google Slides.