Spotify is giving Premium subscribers a free Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini

If you are a Spotify Premium subscriber, Spotify offers you a free Google Home Mini now until November 15 or until supplies run out (through Business Insider).

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Before attempting to jump into this offer, keep in mind that the deal is for the previous generation of Google’s smallest smart speaker, not for the newly launched Nest Mini. And some circumstances will exclude you from the promotion (more on that later). But if you qualify, it’s a great way to get a $ 50 smart speaker as part of your monthly Spotify subscription.

This is how you claim it (special thanks to my colleague Dan Seifert, who went through the process).

First, visit this website. If you are not a Spotify Premium subscriber yet, you will be asked to register. If so, simply login to your Spotify account.
Once you are logged in, simply click to select if you have an Individual or Family plan, and you will have “reserved” your Google Home Mini, assuming there are still supplies left and if you qualify for the offer. You will then receive an email confirming your reservation.
Once your reservation is ready (for Dan, it took a little more than 30 minutes), you will receive another email. That email will link you to the Google online store, where you can get your new Google Home Mini with a discount code applied to make it free.

Not all Spotify Premium users are eligible for the promotion. We review the terms and conditions and find some circumstances that will exclude you from the free smart speaker:

Users with free trials are not eligible, which means they cannot sign up for a free Premium trial and get a free Google Home Mini. Spotify Premium discounted tests will also not work.
You are also not eligible if you have a Premium Student plan.
If you got a free Google Home Mini last year through the Spotify promotion for account owners of the Premium Family plan, it seems you won’t be able to get another through this promotion, as Business Insider found.
But for many Spotify Premium users, this should be a good business. And don’t worry if you’ve already taken advantage of Hulu for free as part of a Spotify Premium subscription, Dan has, and was able to claim your Google Home Mini for free.

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