The robots are finally coming for you

robot for mankind

At some point in the very near future, a dog-like robot, much more agile and probably faster than you, will hunt you down.

Assuming you have been burgled in a warehouse that is being monitored by a Boston Dynamics Spot robot. The Massachusetts-based robotics company, previously owned by Google and since then purchased by SoftBank, will now offer its Spot robot to companies and researchers.

Boston Dynamics, founded in 1992, was previously focused on research into the mechanics and AI needed to build robots that can handle the unwritten reality of this world. Since the acquisition of SoftBank in 2017, the company has been trying to shift its work to actually building the work it could sell.

It showed for the first time in May 2018 that the initial model of his Spot robot would be ready to lease companies by the end of 2019, and that time has allegedly come. The Verge reported today (Sept. 24) that the first Spot models are ready, and if you have an idea how to use a robot, you can contact Boston Dynamics now to see if your company is suitable for its bots.

The robot can work on rocky, unstable terrain and runs up to 3 km / h with a battery life of approximately 90 minutes. It has two ports on the back to connect additional sensors, and it can be used to transport up to 14 kilograms of cargo. Spot can work somewhat autonomously – Boston Dynamics showed a video of someone patrolling his offices last year – but for more complicated tasks, such as opening doors, it may still be necessary for a human operator to show what he should do.

Although the Boston Dynamics launch video did not really show that Spot did a lot that was useful (except that it was a very expensive torch and wheelbarrow), it hinted that it could be used in security, construction, and even entertainment. Future use of Spot can remove police bombs or even dance with Cirque du Soleil gymnasts, according to The Verge.

There is still no word about how many places still need to be rented or purchased, but as with all new technologies, it is probably not cheap. Some Spot models see the world partially through a Velodyne Lidar detection system, according to The Verge, and those in themselves often have several thousand dollars.

Boston Dynamics has also released another video from one of its other robots, Atlas, a human-shaped device that has been transformed in recent years from something that looked like a drunken giant tripping through existence, to a robot that will soon have the routines of Simone Biles could challenge:

Boston Dynamics strives to find practical use for all its robots, but in reality the relative damage that a Spot robot could cause by falling on you (a problem that every major robot has to deal with) seems – compared to Atlas or his Handle cargo robot – shows why we saw his smaller robots appear first in the world.

After all, these robots are still very new, and even after years of research, they are only now entering the real world for the first time. They make mistakes, fall over and usually have accidents when they learn to work with us and us.

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