Weekly poll results: Motorola Razr 2019 gets the design right, needs to work on the specs

2020 Moto RAZR Impressions
2020 Moto RAZR Impressions

This year we saw a strange mix of nostalgia and futuristic designs. Nintendo Portable is the main console and a Moto Razr phone is causing a sensation: if we didn’t know better, we would think it was 2004 again.

The reborn Motorola Razr 2019 is a folding phone: the first new generation clamshell that will be officially unveiled. This design perfectly combines the super high proportions that are popular today with the portability that is out of reach for non-folding 21: 9 phones.

The good news for Motorola is that there are very few skeptics: only 6% still claim that folding phones are not the way to go. This does not mean that the Razr will be a mass market success, but Moto knew this in advance.

Most of the votes complained about mid-range specifications. At $ 1,500 this is a fairly reasonable complaint: a sub-1080p display and Snapdragon 710, not to mention the small battery make it difficult to justify this price.

This is an opportunity for the first users to do what they love most, ie to have something that no one else does. Motorola knew that it would not sell too many clamshell folding, but given a year to polish the design and reduce production costs, the second exit of the Razr phone could be as successful as the first one.