Windows 10 update: All the best new features coming to your PC this month

windows 10 November update

WINDOWS 10 will get its second significant upgrade of 2019 later this month. Ahead of the full version, here’s everything you can look forward to in Microsoft’s aptly named Windows 10 November 2019 update (code name 19H2 in the company, if the former is a little too nose for you).

Microsoft has been working hard on its Windows 10 November 2019 update for a long time. But don’t expect the new software to drastically overhaul the operating system, but there are a lot of neat improvements that promise to refine the overall user experience.

Microsoft has drastically lowered expectations for the next upgrade by explaining the upgrade will “include a set of features for selected performance enhancements, enterprise features, and quality enhancements”.

As I said, the November 2019 update should improve the battery life of computers powered by some processors, which will be welcomed with open arms by fans.

One of the biggest new changes to the latest version of Windows 10 comes to Windows Shell – the graphical interface that makes the computer operating system distinct. The chief of these is the fact that users can now add an event to the Calendar app using its fly-out menu rather than being forced to open it in its entirety.

File Explorer also has a heated interface that is not only more intuitive to use, but it also lets you sort through items stored locally on your device and those in the cloud as well.

Another big improvement surrounds virtual assistants on Windows 10. For those who don’t like using Cortana – Microsoft’s own chat assistant – you can now object to using other third-party assistants like Amazon’s Alexa on your device’s lock screen.

Finally, the latest software will also eradicate many bugs that encapsulated in the Windows 10 May 2019 update.

So when will Microsoft release the update in November 2019?

Windows 10 update

That’s a big question, and it’s not one that Microsoft has answered with certainty yet. Obviously, we know that the November 2019 update is expected to land sometime in … November, but an exact date is unknown.

However, the well-informed Zac Bowden, Senior Editor at Windows Central, has argued that Microsoft is launching the upgrade to consumers on November 12.

If true, this would coincide with Microsoft’s already scheduled patch Tuesday. That date seems really realistic, especially since Microsoft has already started rolling out the update in November 2019 to a member of its Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), indicating that the build is not far from a full version.

As noted by the Microsoft-focused blog Windows Most Recent, both consumer and business editions of the new operating system are available for developers to download on MSDN.

While this certainly does not confirm that the November 2019 update will arrive for regular consumers on November 12, it does indicate that Microsoft is close to having a final design ready for distribution.