5 Things You Can Do With Your Wildly Expensive Robot Dog

If you have a half-quality Internet connection, you’ve probably seen a certain terrible robot dog named Spot on YouTube. From opening doors to dancing to Bruno Mars numbers and help with real things on construction sites, it looks like Spot has it all.

Now, more than three years after its introduction, Spot is available for the first time – the first time robot creation was ever available to the public. Only two quick things: a robot costs you at least the price of a car and you can’t even keep it. Two, only a select few get the chance to get one of these guys out of the Boston Dynamics lab.

So if you have a good idea of ways to use Spot (and the company admits that it still finds that part itself), you can fill out this form to get a chance to lease one. But we’ve put together a list of five fun things you can do with your best metal friend to get the ideas started.

Open Those Germy Doors

Surveying Worksites

Learn Some Moves

Carry Your Stuff


Become a YouTube Sensation

There is no shame in leasing Spot just to turn him into an internet sensation for profit. There’s already one company doing exactly that through the internet hype machine, so why not join the party?

Spot doesn’t have feelings, so program this mechanical pooch to grab you the ingredients for a sandwich out of the fridge, make him put your clothes in the laundry, have him brush your teeth (if you’re brave enough). The possibilities are endless.

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