Yakuza 7: Wilder than ever, also now a kart racer

Yakuza 7

Yakuza 7 — or, to be precise, Ryu ga Gotoku 7 means “Like a dragon 7”, which means “to drop 7 and go through Yakuza: Go”. Tokyo game show. It was the first chance to see how the controversy with JRPG menu-based combat systems really went ahead.

First, it introduces the new series hero Wild Hair Ichiban Kasuga, and it’s clear that the kite’s passion for JRPG goes beyond the fight. Kasuga suffered 18 years in prison after falling to Sergeant Yakuza, and having been betrayed by his entire family when he was released, his first mission is to find a job. If your friend pulls a firm, mysterious baseball bat off the ground, you get a “hero” job class. Because he likes dragon hunting.

The new trailer released today makes it clear that Like a Dragon offers several job classes that give characters different abilities. This means a better title might be like Yakuza 7: Final Fantasy V. For example, the class “host” attacks with colorful attire and flowers and champagne. On the other hand, the “Dancer” class may be damaged by breakdance footwork while dressed up as John Cena.

The dragon’s combat system is totally banana. This interface reminds me of Persona 5. Before jumping into the submenu, you will see the upper-level category on one side of the screen, but the battle continues in real-time, and special attacks can be as sophisticated as the user has done.

One of the destructive skills is that a homeless friend launches himself into the air, takes a cup of divine knowledge from a bottle and puts hell on an unlucky gangster opponent. Kasuga’s dissatisfaction with RPG sometimes distorts ordinary human enemies, causing them to harass monsters and cause them to confuse their friends.

Basically, I’m sure there will still be people disappointed with the transition to turn-based combat, but the series feels more dynamic than ever, much like a dragon’s battle.

The camera seamlessly switches from party members to movie frames to combatants, and everything plays fast so the transition from investigation to combat is not interrupted.

Today’s demo was not enough time to evaluate the depth of the system, but I am optimistic that it will be new fun in the Yakuza battle.

You can see how it works in this new game trailer.

See enough trailers to learn more about the new addition to Like the Dragon, the most widely seen so far in the series. For example, there is an incredibly complete Mario Kart clone called “Dragon Kart” and you can see Kart Car bomb Go Kart around Yokohama.

Yakuza has always been as happier and more fun in Japan as it is to put down criminal masters, and I am glad to see the tradition go up to the next level.

Yakuza: Looks good as a dragon. The seven games with Kazuma Kiryu (including Yakuza 0) would have been difficult to follow without switching to a whole new fighting style. In Japan, it will be released in January with a Western release scheduled for 2020.

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