Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s breathless multiplayer heavily favors run over gun

call of duty

It was a good year to put feeds in Call of Duty multiplayer mode. I’m not promoted to Activision’s popular shooter series, but many of the recent barrel downs are limited to Ubisoft’s tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta
Call of duty game scene

Still, this weekend the beta version of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare decided the dust rabbit hop and returned to Infinity Ward’s multiplayer chaos brand.

My only real concern was that the systematic psychological style Siege strengthened me somewhat, and going back to CoD’s fast cloud management would be a shock to the system.

From a rental point of view, when I came back to CoD, I expected to feel like leaving on the race. The men were actually like riding the wheels of the McLaren F1.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta

This weekend beta offered some gameplay options. Classic TDM (Team DeathMatch) and domination modes were urban and accurate with new modes. Special night vision variants of TDM are also available.

This condition can be wasted on very small new maps, including the gloomy deserted by Grazna Raid, the cave and hole villages (Azhir Cave), and London’s disastrous container yard (Hackney Yard).

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta

The first thing to notice is that by this new map, a huge route is reviewed in the multipoint compass. It was already known from Infinity Ward, who wanted to get away from CoD’s past rectangular “three lanes” map, which is immediately evident from the new death toll of Modern Warfare, which was built to shine in all directions. Modern warfare with constant turns and intersections, staircases, alleys and flat ranges in the center of the building, as well as many doorways to all floors of the building, is much more likely to refuse the reproduction of new locations, as well as its length.

Undoubtedly, this new card design approach offers a very pure risk (and chance) of attacking on the side, ambushing or attacking the enemy, waving back the classic CoD gameplay.

Multiplayer no longer feels crashing back and forth on the map centerline, so all these new locations are much less “wasted”. By training yourself in this unified mindset, society can take time, and ultimately people have to find it for pure dynamic handling.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta

Continuing the circuit theme, Modern Warfare appears to have doubled, making even the fastest gameplay. I expected the shoot to introduce me in a hurry. I think recent adventures have a siege as if they were in a shell.

The speed of modern warfare for men is virtually arcade. Our brave men and women rely on their lives on the battlefield, deal with obstacles, scratch the ladders, and flash around the battlefield as they climb through the windows with very fast efficiency.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta

If your soldier is inadequate enough to take a pot, you get a forced kill-cam. And return to the crisis. Modes like domination and cyber attacks are geared to this uninterrupted movement, which is second to the popularity of multiplayer in modern warfare.

It is urgent to be addictive. Even though some players, beloved campers, and hesitant people seem lost, it can be a shock.

In contrast, modern warfare also puts many new strategic elements into battle. Smarter placement of shields, claymore mines, etc. that can be placed in high traffic areas to stop the sprinters.

In addition, a (no matter how) new system allows players to “lean” on corners and walls to reduce recoil when presenting small targets. Hell can close the door (or if it opens in a bad place) to provide some extra cover.

All of the above certainly provides a welcome level strategy to the battlefield, but paradoxically, in light of a 100-meter winner of the gold medal, it seems a little superfluous. Relatively light holes.

This new tool and tactic seems to be the best for the upcoming “realistic” state that adds kindness, removes the on-screen text and contour of the team members, and provides a slower and more dangerous experience.

From an audiovisual point of view, nobody is surprised. The Call of Duty series always looks and sounds great and continues with realistic structures, utilization of lights and shadows, nerve shocks, atmospheric explosions, gunshots, and aviation cruise missiles.

Watch a movie about night vision to create an authentic and weird atmosphere. You need to make a special call for a nice order that shows that the team has arrived on each card. Give a welcoming immersion with a little touch.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta

Infinity Ward points out that these beta versions are not only used for server testing but also to help fans think about gameplay (smooth all weekend).

Removing minimaps outside UAV activation is controversial, so several complaints have been raised to allow IW to recover and restore minimaps after day 3. In this release, you can finally import these features before the trigger.

But now things are looking sharp. Exciting speed, adaptive card design and some neat new features (top of the Call of Duty gameplay, all tried) – Infinity Ward with one of the series’ most refreshing multiplayer experiences. Modern Warfare has two types of players, so don’t stop smelling roses. Quick and dead.

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