UFC 244 results, highlights: Stoppage spoils Jorge Masvidal’s ‘BMF’ title win over Nate Diaz

UFC 244 result

The UFC 244 Main Event in Madison Square Garden on Saturday to crown the first – and probably only – “BMF” champion between fan-favorites Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz gave fans everything they had salivated for in a dream event for three action-packed rounds. That action, primarily made by Masvidal’s hands, would end up being the catalyst for the tune in the world’s “most famous arena” very quickly, as the brutal damage he caused to Diaz’s right eye stopped the historic matchup early. Going to Round 4, the side doctor in the cage entered the cage to give a second look to Diaz’s battered eye and shortly called a halt to the attack, giving Masvidal the TKO victory and the “BMF” championship.

UFC 244 results, UFC 244 highlights

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was on hand, as announced, to present the first title to Masvidal amidst a shower of boos from the passionate New York City faithful. Even after the battle, when it was bound to drive it back after the disappointing result, Masvidal, it was settled that these two must arrange a new meeting in the Octagon in the near future.

“I told Nate right now … let’s drive it back,” Masvidal said. “I don’t like leaving the ring like this with my opponent aware.”

“I was born because I had a cut … I didn’t think they would stop it. I was just running,” Diaz explained after the fight.

The roller coaster of emotions felt in this “BMF” title match will make fans remember this evening for both the good and the bad. Before the stop that has engulfed the MMA world in hate, this was as entertaining as you could ask of these two. It even started with a slight twist when Masvidal’s mount tried the same flying knee that put him on the map and Ben Askren got cold in 5 seconds; this drew a laugh from the capacity mass in MSG.

Things then got serious, as Masvidal would floor Diaz with a kick-punch combination near the middle of lap 1 that would eventually open up the flood gates for damage. Masvidal continually brutalized Diaz with various strikes, although Diaz, the consummate badass himself, continued to push back. The problem was, however, Masvidal received answers to everything thrown by Diaz, which eventually led to the TKO finish.

Although not the desired result in any way, we did at least get a glimpse of the chaos that could arise when these two meet each other inside the cage. To drive this back would certainly be welcomed by everyone sooner rather than later.

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